Linda's visit to BBA for 'This Little Light' Monday March 28th B Block

This visit was very helpful when learning the soprano II part. It was also helpful to hear the accompaniment with all the parts as well.

BBA to FCC for 'This Little Light' & Climbin' Higher Mountains Thursday March 31st@7:00 p.m.

I love rehearsals here! The chorus members are so welcoming and entertaining, especially when the power went out :)

Sunday Combined Dress Rehearsal Sunday April 3rd@9:30 a.m.
This was helpful to get a few late minute sections correct.

April 3rd Worship Service@10:30 a.m.

  • This Little Light of Mine
    • I thought this sounded really good. I was standing near more sopranos, so it was easier to match my pitches.
  • Climbin' Higher Mountains
    • Sydney was the bombbbbbbbbb. I love watching peoples faces while she sings, they are shocked.

Attendance- sort of annoying when not everyone shows up...
Dress Code- I got to wear yellow so I was happy :)
Worship Service- I am not religious at all, but it was very interesting for me to hear Gordon speak as well as see the bells.
Congregation Appreciation- Everyone was very happy to have us there and that made me feel good :)
Performance & Audience Etiquette- I think we were a lot more respectful than the previous time we were there.