1. Linda's visit #1 to BBA for Climbin' Higher Mountains

Linda taught us how to sing the 'woops'. It was interesting and fun to have Linda teach us this part of the piece, she has a different style of teaching than Julie.

2. Linda's visit #2 to BBA for 16 Tons & Climbin' Higher Mountains
I'm pretty sure this was the first time Syd sang her solo in Climbin' Higher Mountains. This got us all really into our parts because without Syd's part it's a little boring because we're the background singers basically. 16 Tons was fun also. We sang it at a faster tempo which was better. I finally got these german voices out of my head so that was good.

3. BBA to LTS for Paradise & These GreenMountains
Long Trail was fun, it was nice to hear a fuller sound on Paradise and These Green Mountains. Sopranos perfected the rhythms on 'beauty' and other words in that part.

4. BBA to FCC for 16 Tons, Climbin' Higher Mountains, Paradise & These Green Mountains
This was a lot of fun. Hearing real men's voices on all these songs was great. The FCC chorus was very inviting and joked around with us a lot. Hearing these songs with all the voices was a lot of fun and interesting.

5. Sunday Combined Dress Rehearsal 2:45-3:45
This was a little stressful. Trying to fit all 80 bodies in that small room was a challenge, but once we figured it out it was fine. Hearing all 80 voices on Paradise and These Green Mountains was awesome. It was such a full sound and it was awesome.
6. Concert Opener: Paradise

I thought this sounded pretty good. I think at some parts we were speeding up or slowing down. It was hard to keep a steady tempo the way she wanted it.

7. Concert Closer: Green Mountains

This sounded pretty but could have sounded more full. It was a little breathy.

8. Concert w/FCC: 16 Tons
I thought this sounded really good. We were all really into it and brought a lot of emotion to the piece.

9. Concert w/FCC: Climbin' Higher Mountains
This was aweeeesssommmeeeeee. Syd did such a good job and we all sounded like one full voice. I loved it.

10. Concert BBA: Time of the Season
Well, I think it was hard for us to hear each other. I also think we were really nervous. It was a good practice. I think we can really perfect it and now we know what we need to work on before prisms.

11. Concert LTS: Biko
I liked the drum and the way they stood. It was a cool song.

12. Concert FCC: Set of 3
These songs were interesting, I liked the solos a lot.

13. Concert St. Michael's College: First Set
The french was really good, it was pretty.

14. Concert St. Michael's College: Second Set
It was interesting to hear another school's fight song. I liked the vermont songs a lot, I didn't know any of them because I'm not originally from VT.
15. Non-musical; snacks, concert attire, folders,programs, donations

The sugar cookies were good.

16. Audience; non-singers, singers, etiquette, size, attentiveness

I feel like everyone was really into it audience and singers.