• Pennies from Heaven
    • I was very happy with the way this sounded, we really came together and sounded as one. The only thing bad was that Amy and I missed up the "ah" at the end :(

Hildene Gala
  • 2:30 Call, 3:00 Sound Check & Dress Rehearsal, 4:30 Dinner & Concert Attire
    • The dress rehearsal went well, it got me excited for the showcase as well as preparing me for where to go when to stand and junk. Dinner was yummmmmmmy and we all looked beautiful!
  • 5:30 Outside Prelude: Star Spangled Banner, Arirang, Lo Yisa Goy, Fong Swei, Lachen, Danny Boy, Sakura, De Colores, Skye Boat, Hotarukoi, 16 Tons, Hush, Wanting Memories, Time of the Season
    • I think all these songs sounded really good because we had less pressure on us, and we could just sing. It was fun to sing outdoors and get a little break now and again. It was fun to sing the solo in Time of the Season :)
  • 6:15 Inside Prelude: Fly Me to the Moon, Someone to Watch Over Me, Moon River
    • I love these three songs and we sounded really good, but I feel like no one was actually listen to us haha. But oh well.
  • 7:00 Gala Showcase: Siyahamba, Commercial, Under the Sea, Pennies from Heaven, Release, Everybody Be Yourself, Montage, Like A Prayer, Sponsor Readings
    • I seriously think this went so well! All the songs we sang sounded great and together and beautiful. I think Like a Prayer was the best I've ever sang it. All the other stuff sounded good as well. Transitions were smooth and everyone knew what they were supposed to do.
  • 8:00 International Dinner, Dancing, Cyber Cafe, Art Work, Auction, Clean-Up, etc.
    • Everything went by so fast :( It seemed to be over in the blink of an eye. Dancing was a lot of fun and the cyber cafe was beautiful.

Additional thoughts on the following performance opportunities and/or musical selections

Tapestry of Song
  • Paradise
    • Uh, don't really remember this. But I remember that it was fun to sing it with more than just our group. More male voices :)
  • These Green Mountains
    • I think this song is beautiful and again, it was cool to hear it with more voices.
  • 16 Tons
    • Love this song and love singing it with the FCC group, they are a riot.
  • Climbin' Higher Mountains
    • Sydney is the bomb. She sounded beautiful and it was fun to sing and see the audiences reactions.
  • Time of the Season
    • Love this song. I think the audience really enjoyed it as well.

British Invasion
  • Time of the Season
    • I love how we sounded. I think it took us a little getting used to with pitch and walking and stuff but by the last show we really peaked and it sounded great.
  • Goodbye Blue Sky
    • Same as above but I think we really nailed the tone of this piece. It pretty sad and I think we sang with a lot of emotion.
  • Because
    • I love this. Singing with just the girls was fun too. I think it sounded beautiful. My uncles listened from LA and said this was their favorite song. :)

  • This Little Light of Mine
    • Although this wasn't my favorite song, singing with FCC is always entertaining. They are a great group and so fun to be around.
  • Climbin' Higher Mountains
    • Always amazing. Syd is the best. I think this performance was even better than the first.

Calliope Cafe
  • Pop Goes My Heart
    • This was fun and silly. It was fun to dress up and see everyone's reactions :)

Equinox Terrace
  • Star Spangled Banner
    • I like how everyone responded to this song and you could tell they were happy they could sing along.
  • 16 Tons
    • I think this always sounds good when we sing it, one of our perfected songs. I also saw some people singing along and dancing.
  • Moon River
    • This is a pretty well known song and I think many of the audience recognized it which is exciting. I think it sounds beautiful, but I think we perfected the dynamics after this performance.
  • Fly Me to the Moon
    • Mariette made me giggle throughout this entire song. bad news. I couldn't really sing.....
  • Someone to Watch Over Me
    • Amy and Nicolo sounded beautiful and I love the harmonies in this song. It's pretty :)
  • Like a Prayer
    • Well, this was a good practice. My voice was shakey not so good.
  • Pennies from Heaven
    • This always sounds good. I love it.

Just for Fun
  • Build Me Up Buttercup
    • The girls sound pretty, too bad we never got to sing it.
  • It's Raining Men
    • This is fun, but we never really learned it well haha.
  • My Girl
    • I never heard it....
  • Man of Constant Sorrow
    • Never heard this either....

Mommy i love you. Thank you so much for making this year truly special. I felt so accepted from the beginning. I'm going to miss you so much. and i love you. Thank you for being a wonderful mommy <3