• E.T.-Hospitality(Accommodations, Friendliness, Appreciation, Audience,etc.)
    • They were so nice! Ms. Rose (?) was very appreciative and it was very helpful to have that room with the water, bathroom, etc. The audience seemed very happy to hear us and it was great to sing to them.
  • BBA-Level of Professionalism (attire, performance focus, mature, classy, focused, polite, appreciative, etc.)
    • I think we looked like a good looking bunch. I could have been more professional, Mariette was making me laugh :(
  • BBA-Musical Concepts(Tone, Intonation, Balance, Blend, Memorization, Presentation, Diction, Style, Phrasing, Dynamics, etc.)
    • It took us a while to get used to the space and the piano volume. Over all, I think our balance was good and everything was mostly memorized.
  1. Star Spangled Banner
    1. I sang the wrong part at the end. oops. and i wasn't warmed up enough for the high parts. oopsies.
  2. 16 Tons
    1. This song is always fun, and we've known it for a while so it always sounds good.
  3. Moon River
    1. Some cutie start crying, it was adorable. I think it sounded pretty gooooood.
  4. Fly Me to the Moon
    1. I would this song. The high notes were ehh, could of been better.
  5. Someone to Watch Over Me
    1. Amy and Nicolo sounded beautiful! I think this was one of the songs that we didn't have memorized. Gotta work on that.
  6. Like a Prayer
    1. Oh my god.. SURPRISE Sam has to sing by herself for the first time ever and her face was an actual tomato. Glad i got that outta my system.
  7. Pennies from Heaven
    1. This is always good. I love it. We were very balanced, sounded good.